School Mission Statement

Our Ethos

Founded by the Sisters of Mercy, St. Joseph’s is the oldest secondary school in the Castlebar with its origins dating back to 1853.While maintaining a strong Catholic tradition and ethos, we welcome students from every religious tradition. We have students of various nationalities, believing that all are enriched by the experience and culture of fellow human beings. Our Catholic ethos is characterised by our caring spirit and our commitment to each pupil and each teacher.

Students are immersed in a rich tradition, where the qualities of commitment, dedication, professionalism and volunteerism are alive and well. True to the inspiring vision of our foundress, Catherine McAuley, we aspire to foster in all our students a deep respect and compassion for all people, especially those who are most vulnerable and in need of practical help.

Our Vision

St. Joseph’s is a dynamic centre of Excellence in Education where all students are encouraged to achieve to their full potential, and to become active citizens who will excel in their personal and academic lives. We embrace the principles of inclusiveness, equality of access and participation, and a respect for diversity of traditions, values, beliefs, languages and ways of life. We encourage our students to live out the values of respect, honesty, truth, care and justice while developing a keen sense of responsibility towards themselves, others and the world in which we live. View our Code of Behaviour on our website.

All members of the St. Joseph’s learning community are expected to treat one another with respect, good manners and courtesy at all times.

Our Mission Statement

St. Joseph’s Secondary School is a Voluntary Catholic Secondary School under the trusteeship of CEIST- a Catholic Education and Irish Schools Trust.

We aim to provide a holistic Christian education in co-operation with staff, students, parents/ guardians, Board of Management and the community.

We work to create equality for all in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

We strive for excellence in learning and endeavour to help each student to reach her full potential in a positive, caring and happy environment.


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