Parents App Explainer

School App

We have partnered with Unique Schools to develop our school App. The school App in conjunction with our school journal is our primary method of communication with home.
Please follow the following helpful instructions to download the school App. (Please note: 1st Year Parents/Guardians and students will only be able to do this from August 25th).

Signing Out

With respect to signing out our school rule is as follows:
Parents may use the intercom at the barrier to contact reception and a member of school staff will raise the barrier allowing you to collect your child at reception.
We pride ourselves in discharging our duty of care towards your precious child and there will be no exceptions to the above rule. Thank you for your support.


Please enter your details for our virtual Open/Enrolment Evening. Ensure email address is entered correctly. Register any question/query you wish the senior management team to address on the evening.